*Lag B'omer is a day when the great Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, author of the famous book of kabbalah, the Zohar passed away. Before his death, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai asked that the day of his passing should be a joyous one of family activities in outdoor celebration. Each year all around the world Jews gather in parks for bonfires,BBQs and other outdoor fun on this special day.
The largest Lag B'omer Celebration takes place in Miron Israel around the grave site of Rabbi Shimon.
For Children, Adults and Seniors!
  • Live Music,
  • Kosher Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Shishkobob, Salads and much more
 RSVP VERY HELPFUL call 239-949-6900 or [email protected]WALK INS WELCOME!
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