Come Celebrate Shavuos* at The Chabad Jewish Center


Monday, May 17, 2021 at 12:00 PM

  ·        Hear the Ten Commandments

  •   Dairy Buffet Lunch

    (Non-Dairy Entrees also being served!)



Location:     Chabad of Bonita Springs & Estero

24611 Production Circle, Bonita Springs


Please RSVP at: 949-6900

[email protected]  

Other Events for Shavous:

Monday May 17: Morning Service 10:30 am

Tuesday. May 18: Morning Service 10:00 am,Yizkor: 11:15 am 


*Shavuot is the holiday we celebrate the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Every year G‑d reaffirms His covenant with the Jewish people and gives us His Torah once again.  

For more info on Shavuos, visit our mini-site: 

Some reasons why we eat Dairy on Shavuot:

1.       The Biblical book Song of Songs (4:11) refers to the sweet nourishing value of Torah by saying: "It drips from your lips, like honey and milk under your tongue."

2.       The verse in Exodus 23:19 juxtaposes the holiday of Shavuot with the prohibition of mixing milk and meat. On Shavuot, we therefore eat separate meals — one of milk and one of meat.

Upon receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, the Jews immediately became obligated in the laws of Sh'chita — slaughter of animals. Since they did not have time to prepare kosher meat, they ate dairy instead