Rosh Chodesh Society 

The Rosh Chodesh Society is an inspirational network for all Jewish women, providing monthly educational, cultural, and social programs across the globe. RCS is rapidly expanding around the world, as women universally are seeking a meaningful connection with their rich Jewish heritage and for a vibrant bond with their Jewish sisters.

We hope to help every Jewish woman unlock her inner talents and potential, amplified through the light of a genuine connection with her rich heritage and Jewish identity, thereby motivating Jewish women across the globe to become leaders, educators, and inspirational figures of a stronger Jewish future and a brighter, more meaningful universe.

I invite you to join our community of over 250 chapters worldwide! Already active in Jewish social circles? Fresh as a newborn? No matter, we extend our warmest embrace to each Jewish woman on the planet.

Fusion of feminine power brings surprising joy, support, and strength. Tap into this powerful experience by learning and sharing experiences with our global network of Jewish women.

Highly recommend trying it out!

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We look forward to seeing you there! 


Luba Greenberg




Chabad of Bonita Springs, Estero & FGCU

24611 S. Taminami Trail , Bonita Springs