Shabbos Foods

Shabbat Food available through Chabad  
Taste our traditional Jewish delicacies with a gourmet touch      
For Pickup  in Bonita Springs. (Limited Delivery will also be available)

Please place your orders as early as possible to ensure the best service possible.   
Large quantities (at a signifcant discount!) and special orders call 239-949-6900  for options 

$100 (Sale Price of $75 - for standing orders)


4 Challa Rolls

4 Pieces of Gefilte Fish

4 Pieces of Roasted Chicken

2 Side Dishes

32 Oz. Container of Chicken Matzah Ball Soup 

Choice of 2, 8 oz. containers of the following salads and/or dips:




o   Sweet & Tangy Eggplant

o   Spanish Eggplant

o   Matboucha

o   Mushroom/olive

o   Olive Tapenade

o   Olive Dip

o   Spicy olives

o   Veg. liver/eggplant

o   Veg. liver/peas

o   Turkish salad

o   Pesto

o   Schug

o   Tomato Basil

o   Techina

o   Hot tomato dip



o   Avocado/tomato

o   Avocado/onion

o   Chickpeas Salad

o   Beets Salad

o  Macaroni Salad 

o   Egg Salad

o   Tuna Salad

o   Corn Salad

o   Moroccan carrot Salad

o   Shredded carrots

o   Mushroom

o   Fried cabbage pasta

o   Pasta salad

o   Purple cabbage

o   Cole slaw

o   Israeli salad

o   Sweet Cole slaw

o   Taboulie

o   Potato

o   Cucumber

o   Tomato onion

o   White cabbage salad

Whitefish Salad 10.00/lb 

Lox Sushi available at $10/roll 

 To order, call us at 239.949.6900

or email: [email protected]




  • If you would like the food wrapped for hotel ovens there is a fee of $1.50 per item wrapped