About Chabad of Bonita Springs & Estero

Chabad of Bonita Springs and Estero is one of 4000 branches of today's largest international organizations involved with Jewish education and outreach programs. Embracing the philosophy of the Lubavitch movement, which originated in the town of Lubavitch in White Russia during the 18th century, Chabad's underlying doctrine is "Ahavat Yisrael" (love for a fellow Jew). Chabad recognizes no differences between Jews; its goal is to serve the spiritual and physical needs of each Jew regardless of affiliation, wherever he or she may be, with understanding and with love.

By means of a rare combination that blends traditional Judaism with modern day techniques, Chabad has found the formula to develop a rapport with the most alienated of Jews and to enhance their outlook. By arousing an intellectual and/or emotional interest in our faith, Chabad-Lubavitch has become the catalyst to re link Jews with their Jewish roots and revive the sparks of Jewish consciousness in the hearts and minds of each Jew.

Chabad of Bonita Springs/Estero has served the Jewish community since 2004.

Chabad serves the Jewish community from it's current center with a wide array of programs including; Educational programs, Social and Humanitarian outreach programs, as well as a synagougue open to all backg

One of the primary aspirations of Chabad is to generate a resurgence of Jewish tradition and awareness throughout the community. By arousing intellectual interest, Chabad is able to re-link Jewish adults with their roots as they are enabled to discover what was previously vague and unavailable to them.

We invite you and your family to look through this site and notice the various activities, educational and social programs being offered by Chabad. We would like to personally invite you to join us for any or all of these exciting projects.

The movement is guided by the teachings of its seven leaders ("Rebbe"'s), beginning with Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, of righteous memory (1745-1812). These leaders expounded upon the most refined and delicate aspects of Jewish mysticism, creating a corpus of study thousands of books strong. They personified the age-old, Biblical qualities of piety and leadership. And they concerned themselves not only with Chabad-Lubavitch, but with the totality of Jewish life, spiritual and physical. No person or detail was too small or insignificant for their love and dedication.

In our generation, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known simply as "the Rebbe," guided post-holocaust Jewry to safety from the ravages of that devastation.



Some Quotes . . .

Having Chabad here has so enriched my life. Words cannot express how grateful I am that a strong Jewish presence has finally arrived in Bonita Springs!

Rivkah Lewis Denney – Bonita Springs


I made many Jewish friends through Chabad. I especially appreciate the special visit to my home

when Rabbi Mendy came specially to blow the Shofar. It is very moving when the Rabbi treats us individually.

Jean Lager – Bonita Springs


Chabad of Bonita Springs has provided me with amazing insight to Judaism as much as I can handle

at a time. Through Rabbi Mendy and Luba’s kindness and non-judgmental manner I have been able

to grasp Judaism in mind, body and soul. Plus Luba’s cooking is out of this world delicious

Claudia Lefas - Bonita Springs


Living in this community has been so much more enriched by the presence of Chabad

and the Greenberg family.  We now have a place of study, a place to worship together with

other Jews and a superb example of how to live a Jewish life.
Gene Sipe - Estero


I am not Orthodox in my lifestyle, however since I have started studying with you and participating

 in your Bonita Springs Jewish activities I felt my Jewish life being enriched. I feel that our studying

 and interaction has significantly deepened and improved my understanding in Judaism and life in general. It has helped me to improve my focus in my personal and professional life

Adam Ryzenman – Bonita Springs


What I have learned more than anything from Chabad is how to emphasize points

of agreement,  rather than points of disagreement, how to look at the positive.

Chabad doesn’t require agreement; Chabad simply opens itself up to Jews without regard to their theology, to their perspective, to their attitudes towards life. If you want to come to Chabad there

are no questions asked, and Chabad provides a wonderful model for the entire Jewish community.

Professor Alan Dershowitz